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Date:2007-03-14 13:14
Subject:Approaching critical blog-mass
Mood: busy

OK, so I continue to get dragged into more blogging. For your information if you've followed a comment of mine back here, and are interested in reading more of my writing:

Firstly, thank you kindly.

Secondly, here's where you can find me on the WWW and here on LJ.

My personal blog is Hoyden About Town
Subscribe: Posts Comments LJ Feed

I contribute to Larvatus Prodeo, an Australian group blog on politics, culture, sociology and science.
Subscribe: Posts  |  Comments (n.b. moderately high traffic)

I edit the FAQ resource blog Finally, A Feminism 101 blog.
Subscribe: Posts Comments UPDATE: FF101 now has an LJ Feed

I don't check the LJ syndicated sites, so if you want to comment please don't leave your comment on LJ, hop on over to the other blog instead.

See you around, dear readers.

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Date:2006-08-29 11:20

I've moved my main blog now - it's still called Hoyden About Town (note no hyphens this time).

The new RSS feed is http://viv.id.au/blog/?feed=rss2. A certain Skull Lady said she was going to syndicate the feed for LJ, so once she does I'll put that link up here too.

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Date:2006-03-19 18:43
Subject:So, this is how it works, eh?
Mood: geeky

I've had this LJ account for months so I can comment on other people's LJ blogs, and this is the first time I actually played around with it, set up some feeds from various friends' blogs, and generally just geeked around.

To anyone who's followed a link here because of some comment of mine on an LJ somewhere, I write stuff over at my other tigtogblog, Hoyden-About-Town. Feel free to drift on over there, or take a look at my friends page here for some damn fine blogs to read. Most of the blogs linked to here are mostly personal, my other blog is more political and so is my blogroll over there.

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